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Mutton Bustin’

Saturday 12th at 7pm Saturday
and Sunday 13th at 10am

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In the event, a sheep is held still, either in a small chute or by an adult handler while a child is placed on top in a riding position. Once the child is seated atop the sheep, the sheep is released and usually starts to run in an attempt to get the child off. Often small prizes or ribbons are given out to the children who can stay on the longest. There are no set rules for mutton busting, no national organization, and most events are organized at the local level.
The vast majority of children participating in the event fall off in less than 8 seconds. Age, height and weight restrictions on participants generally prevent injuries to the sheep, and implements such as spurs are banned from use. In most cases, children are required to wear helmets and parents are asked to sign waivers to protect the rodeo from legal action in that event.

Download the Mutton Bustin Entry Form

Absolutely no waiting behind stock stalls.

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Absolutely no waiting behind stock stalls.